Resources for After an Abortion


  • The Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective support line is staffed by doulas who are trained to offer confidential emotional support for unplanned pregnancy and abortion decisions, who are knowledgeable about issues specific to the East Tennessee/Appalachian community.
  • Exhale is a post-abortion talkline that provides emotional support, resources, and information.
    Open Mon–Fri: 8pm–1am EST & Sat–Sun: 3pm–1am EST
  • Connect & Breathe creates a safe space to talk about abortion experiences by offering a talkline staffed by people trained to listen and provide unbiased support and encouragement of self-care.
    Open Tue-Thurs 6pm-9pm EST & Sat 10am-2pm EST
  • All-Options is a talkline that promotes unconditional and judgment-free support for people in all their decisions, feelings and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, adoption and abortion, both pre- and post- your decision.
    Open Mon-Fri 10-1am EST & Sat-Sun 10-6 EST

General Resources

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  • Donate to help other people afford their abortions.

Abortion in the Media:

Faith-Based Support After Your Abortion

Have you asked yourself hard questions after your abortion because of your faith tradition? Perhaps you feel afraid, alone, or even abandoned by those who are supposed to care for and support you. If you are seeking faith-based support for your abortion, the Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective is here for you. There are many other organizations across the country that will uplift and encourage you as well, such as:

Faith Aloud wants every woman to feel confident, at peace with her decision, and supported.  Faith Aloud believes women are good, created in the image of God, and able to make difficult decisions, and that the power to make personal decisions is given by God.

Faith Aloud’s Clergy Counseling Line can be reached at 1-888-717-5010. When you call Faith Aloud, someone will talk with you briefly and set up an appointment for a clergy person to call you. If you reach their voicemail, just leave a message with your first name and phone number and a good time to reach you, and someone will call you back.

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) is a broad-based, national, interfaith movement that brings the moral force of religion to protect and advance reproductive health, choice, rights and justice through education, prophetic witness, pastoral presence and advocacy.

A Protestant Minister’s Prayer

by Rev. Dr. Marvin Marsh, Baptist Church

O God, you who are closer and more loving to me than I am to myself: I pray for your blessing as I join this sisterhood of difficult choices. As I sort out my feelings, lead me in the path of healing and resurrection.

I believe this abortion is my best decision for this time, but I feel the pressures of those who disagree or have their own conflicts. Therefore, I cling to the promise that there is nothing that can separate me from your love in Christ Jesus. Grant me strength as I do the best that I can.

I pray this in the name and spirit of Jesus who came not to judge but to love and to redeem. In his name I pray for healing and inspiration. May your spirit transform me through this experience that I may have new gifts to use for the well-being of both myself and those within my care.